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Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai...Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού

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Index with links to published articles. Serbs Shun Discussion of Atrocities Over the last two weeks, as foreign reporters have finally gained access to the killing fields of Kosovo, television viewers and newspaper readers all over the world have been given horrifying accounts of the violence committed by Yugoslav and Serbian forces on the ethnic Albanian population.

But here in Serbia, there has been little public discussion of atrocities and no substantive reporting on the subject by the heavily censored Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού media. Mass graves are everywhere in Kosovo: more than outsiders can track down in their first days back in the province; enough to keep war crimes prosecutors busy for years, if they choose. Apparently fearing just such prosecution, Serb soldiers, paramilitary, police, and civilians cremated many of their ethnic Albanian victims, or returned to exhume corpses for burning or reburial in single graves, survivors say.

The signs of slaughter abound. Such was the lot of many of those whom PHR interviewed. Such accounts of suffering, individually and collectively, are a powerful testimony to the cruelty, thoroughness, and extraordinary breadth of Milosevic's war against unarmed and helpless Kosovar Albanian men, women, and children.

The Ravaging of Kosovo Analysis shows that the Serbian operation was meticulously organized, and aimed from the outset at expelling huge numbers of people. Kosovo Men Released Among busloads of deportees from Kosovo arriving in Albania over the weekend were 1, men who had been separated from their families and held for three weeks in a Serb prison, where they say they were beaten and given little to eat.

Use caution when installing Real, to avoid unwanted add-ons and configuration changes to your computer. Editor In Exile Can a radical newspaper become the blueprint for an independent Kosovo? The newspaper had been founded in April ofand its irreverent and activist coverage of the province's political life had at one time or another irritated all the major players in Kosovo. Refugees recount fresh atrocities Refugees fleeing from Kosovo have brought with them graphic accounts of more atrocities allegedly committed by Serb troops.

BBC May 13, includes video. Erasing History: Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo Summary of a comprehensive overview of Serbia's campaign to rob the people of Kosova of their homeland, their identity, their dignity and even their existence.

The report contains charts and maps that show where human rights abuses occurred, the locations of internally displaced persons and refugee camps, and gives a detailed account of how Serbia's campaign of ethnic cleansing took place. We have generally tried to avoid posting information coming directly from the U. However, in the case of this document, the information is important and presented well, and it would be hard to come by something this comprehensive from other organizations that simply don't have the resources to gather it.

State Department, May 10, Refugees: Doctors being singled out Masked Yugoslav troops found Dr. Vesel Elezi when they roamed through the Kosovo city of Urosevac on April 4 and ordered residents to leave. He pleaded for his life, saying, "I'm a doctor. Under the Geneva Conventions governing the conduct of war, health-care professionals are supposed to be exempt from deliberate hindrance or attack.

But in Kosovo, refugees say Yugoslav troops are targeting not only ethnic Albanian doctors but also their facilities, Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού virtually the entire remaining population without access to medical treatment. Refugees from several villages also provided consistent accounts of the killing of civilians by Serbian police and paramilitary units, as well as reports that some of the corpses had been mutilated.

Ethnic Hungarians Fear They're Next On the walls of homes and public buildings in the Yugoslav province of Vojvodina, the slogans are Earths Breathing - Various - Classic Trance Tracks Vol.

3 "Hungarians: Your God is dead and doesn't care for you anymore. Refugees from Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo Information and and analysis concerning the refugee crisis that has been created by genocide, mass expulsions and atrocities against Kosovo Albanians; the pattern of ethnic cleansing taking place; and the steps that can be taken to bring about an immediate halt to the large scale Serbian-state sponsored violence, killing and massive forceful displacement of Albanians in Kosovo.

Action Alert 50 cities and towns in Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού have been leveled to the ground, forcing the citizens to flee into the mountains to escape the murdering Serb army.

They are attempting Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού survive without any food or shelter in frigid climate, absolutely uncertain of their fate. Kosovo Albanian refugees tell how they saw events unfold over the past ten years Albanian teachers were fired. The public schools and universities were run by Serbs in Serbian. Albanians set up their own classes in private homes. They had to pay taxes to Serbia for facilities they say they were locked out of.

Transcript of audio -- NPR, April 10, As early as December, Serb special police and paramilitary units began to infiltrate Serbia's southern province. Ignoring an October deal for peace, Milosevic massed interior-ministry police and Yugoslav army troops in Kosovo and along its northern border in numbers far beyond those allowed by the cease-fire plan.

By mid-March, Serb forces had wired tunnels and bridges on the main southern highway with dynamite, and Serbian civilians had armed themselves to the teeth. Kosovo Refugees Describe "Nights of Fear" in Belanice Refugees fleeing into northern Albania described an atmosphere of utter terror in the Kosovo village of Belanice, which was used by Yugoslav forces as a gathering point for ethnic Albanians living in the Malishevo district.

Dozens of witnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch reported that they were robbed, threatened with death, suffered physical deprivation, and that refugees were occasionally murdered.

On April 1, their ordeal in Belanice came to an abrupt end, when they were forcibly expelled from the village toward the Albanian border. Belgrade Blues I hope we all survive this war, the bombs: the Serbs, the Albanians, the bad and the good guys, those who took up the arms, those who deserted, refugees going around the Kosovo woods and Belgrade's refugees going around the streets with their children in arms, looking for non-existing shelters, when the alarm for bombing sets off.

I think of the Albanians in Kosovo, of my friends and their fears, I think they must be worse off then us: fear springs up at that thought, it means that it is not the end yet. Cleansing Pristina After ten days in the Kosovo capital, watching the expulsions and the packed trains, our correspondent is forced to leave. After filing reports for a week with Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού name withheld, she now relates her own expulsion and journey over the Macedonian border.

Serbian authorities are using passenger trains to transport thousands of Pristina residents to the Macedonian border.

Human Rights Watch, April 3, The pace of destruction picked up dramatically yesterday, with large-scale destruction of homes. Today, thousands of refugees flowed into Krume from Dakovica, saying that the town had been largely emptied overnight. Human Rights Watch, April 2, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo A report on genocide and atrocities against Kosovo Albanians, and the pattern of ethnic cleansing taking place.

Yugoslav Government Forces Systematically Expel Ethnic Albanians From Kosovo Refugees reported to Human Rights Watch researchers today that Serbian special police and Yugoslav military units are systematically expelling ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, including the cities of Pec and Prizren, in a well-orchestrated and centrally organized campaign to rid the region of the majority of its population.

The stories of refugees interviewed by Human Rights Watch staff in Albania and Macedonia revealed a consistent pattern in the conduct of the expulsions and their timing, underscoring the fact that the Yugoslav government evidently made a decision over the weekend to "cleanse" the region of ethnic Albanians.

Report on Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law in Kosovo in This report demonstrates Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού existence of a campaign organized from within the state structure of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia involving the widespread commission of violations of international humanitarian law in Kosovo.

Serb Police Kill 24 Albanians in Kosovo The Serbian police killed 24 ethnic Albanians in a raid on a suspected rebel hideout in Rogovo today, adding new urgency to an international demand that the antagonists settle the Kosovo crisis by mid-February or face NATO action.

Later in the day, Yugoslav Army tanks began firing on rebel Kosovo Liberation Army positions near Ljupce, a snow-covered village of a half-dozen homes nine miles north of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. These events occurred in the year prior to NATO's intervention. Report on the Racak Massacre In heavily documented reports, Human Rights Watch categorically rejected Yugoslav government claims that the victims of the January 15 attack on Racak were either Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers killed in combat, or civilians caught in crossfire.

After a detailed investigation, the organization accused Serbian special police forces and the Yugoslav army of indiscriminately attacking civilians, torturing detainees, and committing summary executions. New York Times - Cat Stevens - Back To Earth evidence suggests that government forces had direct orders to kill Andantino Dolente, Con Fluidito - Benjamin Frankel - Nomos-Quartett* - Complete String Quartets inhabitants over the age of fifteen.

The killing of forty-five ethnic Albanian civilians provoked an apparent shift in western policy toward Kosovo. Yugoslav government sources, echoed by some Left writers and media sources worldwide, have claimed that reports of the Racak massacre were faked. See also Compilation of reports on the Racak Massacre. A Week of Terror in Drenica Sept This report Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Serbian and Yugoslav government forces in Kosovo's Drenica region during the last week of September These atrocities took place in the face of United Nations Security Council Resolutionpassed on September 23,which demanded an immediate cessation of all actions by the Yugoslav and Serbian security forces against civilians.

By Human Rights Watch, January Torture and ill-treatment in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Daily evidence contradicts government's rosy reports. Amnesty International, November 11, Humanitarian Law Violations in Kosovo This report documents serious breaches of international humanitarian law, the rules of war, committed in Kosovo from February to early September The vast majority of these abuses were committed by Serbian government forces.

Under the command of Yugoslav President Milosevic, government troops have committed extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings, systematically destroyed civilian property, and attacked humanitarian aid workers, all of which are violations of the rules of war.

The Albanian insurgency KLA has also violated the rules of war by such actions as the taking of civilian hostages and by summary executions. Although on a lesser scale than the government abuses, these too are violations of international standards and should be condemned. By Human Rights Watch, October Tragic events continue - the protection of Nuclear Greetings - Living Death - Back To The Weapons / Protected From Reality displaced and refugees Gross Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού rights abuses perpetrated in Kosovo province of Serbia have forcibly displaced ever multiplying numbers of people, predominantly ethnic Albanians, who form the majority in Kosovo.

Civilians have been the principal victims of the violence and have frequently been deliberately targeted. Money (In God We Trust) - ExtremeNuno Bettencourt - MP3 Collection (Новая Коллекция) International, September 30, Serbs force Albanian refugees back to a shattered land More than 50, ethnic Albanians abandoned their homes in Kosovo last week after a huge Serb offensive laid waste a swath of territory in the west of the province.

This latest internal exodus brings the number of those displaced to more than , nearly a quarter of Kosovo's population. It considers the current humanitarian crisis. It also analyzes the internal dynamics of ethnic Albanian politics in and concerning Kosovo and their impact on the options that Back Track - Lou Christie - Lou Christie / Lou Christie Strikes Again international community may contemplate to promote a political solution to the conflict.

International Crisis Group, September 2, Peace Hopes Dim In Serb-Battered Kosovo The government of Serbia has killed hundreds of Albanians in Kosovo this year, displaced at least , and at last report destroyed around villages.

After a sudden and brutal massacre in Drenica in late February, Serbian police expanded their attacks throughout Kosovo, especially along the western border with Albania. The conflict threatens to explode into an all out war with adverse My Friend Of Misery - Metallica - Metallica for the entire Balkan region.

UNHCR estimates that as many as 79, people are currently displaced by the conflict in neighboring Albania, Montenegro, and the more peaceful areas within Kosovo. Will There Be a War in Kosovo? Menu Search. More stuff. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory.

Glitter and Storm Trailer. Full Duration 15mins "With what magic of witness Rebecca E Marshall has captured the marine process of reverse evolution: how citizens of Hastings long to become one with Your Kiss Is A Weapon - Various - Samurai.Και Οι Επιτυχίες Του Καλοκαιριού neighbour ocean; how they twirl and twist in eroticised tumbles, feeling for gills, stroking salt-smoothed dolphin skins.

The following year, the group signed to Sire Records in America, where the single became a club hit. A re-recorded version was released in the UK in Ina new version of "Kiss Me" made it to number 22 inside a week. Within three it hit silverDuring his time at 10 he released three albums and a slew of singles. He resumed his solo career as Duffy. Inhe came across an early Duran Duran tape in storage and met up with former bandmate Nick Rhodes. The two decided to revisit and re-record their earlier material.

The result was the album "Dark Circles" under the name " The Devils. Duffy's journey continues All Stephen Duffy. DuffyJ. AnthonyS DuffyS. DuffyS. Data Quality Correct. Show 25 50 Refresh. I much prefer Stephen's songs over DD's! In This Twilight is one of my very favorites. Thanks STTD!! Reply Notify me Helpful.


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  6. For updates on events and issues in the former Yugoslavia, see also Balkan Insight by Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN). Death Toll in Kosovo Due to War A Balkan Witness compilation of reports on numbers of Kosovars killed due to Serbian attacks.. NEW 20 years in anticipation of justice and recognition Humanitarian Law Center, March 24,

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